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About Us

In the early 1900s Grandpa Pete’s family came to America from the quaint town of Alcamo in Sicily, Italy. The Serros settled in Brooklyn, New York, bringing with them their Sicilian heritage and a rich tradition of family and food. 

It was in Brooklyn that Pete Serro opened and ran a successful specialty bakery for over twenty years. He then worked in the culinary department at the University of Hofstra before becoming a chef at Pollace’s Resort in Catskill, NY. He spent thirty years bringing his passion for quality food to this family business. For Grandpa Pete, the love of family and the love of food have always been related. He learned his recipes from his mother and grandmother and found great joy in being able to share them with his own children. 

Grandpa Pete’s youngest son Charlie—along with his wife and children—began jarring his father’s Sunday Sauces.  It is now our pleasure to bring the Italian tradition of Sunday Sauce to your family. Our sauces are made in small batches with all natural ingredients, as they were originally prepared by Grandpa Pete himself.

We love hearing from our customers!  Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

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